Gym Facilities
Muay Thai Kickboxing Gym has been open since January 1994.  Originally, we were located at 14631
Arminta Street in Van Nuys, but we have moved to 14661 Lanark Street (just a few block from there)
since August 2000.  In September, 2009 we have to moved again to 15424 Cabrito Road which is
about 1.5 miles from the old location.  Then October 2014, we have to moved again and the new
location is 7405 Bellaire Ave., North Hollywood, and it's about 4.5 miles from the old location.  The
gym now has about 4,900 square feet, inside there is a 20 feet by 20 feet boxing ring, 8 heavy bags,
4 long banana bags, 3 speed bags, and 1 uppercut bag.  We have wall mirror for shadow boxing,
and we also have other exercise equipments for students to use as well.
We provide hands-on sparring with the instructor and with other students of similar weight and
height.  If the students want more experience, we let them get into the tournaments which we held
at the gym every 2 months or less and we take them to other school tournament as well.  This gives
them a chance to practice in the ring with students from other schools all over California.  We're
also train amateur and professional fighters.
Every 12 weeks or so, we have a tournament which held at the gym so students
who want to learn more than just for self-defense and who want to know their
fighting abilities can have a chance to practice in the ring with other students from
other gyms.

Please click on FightSchedule page for more details
Practice body kick with bag
Practice knee with bag
Swing Back Elbow
High Push Kick
Flying Kick
Flying Punch
Practice with pads
Practice with bag